Webinar - Learning Paths

Webinar - Learning Paths

Recorded Session:

  1. Learning Paths

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      OVERVIEW The learning path enrollment method allows you to create a chain of courses that succeed one another. So after completion of one course, the student is automatically enrolled in one or more other courses.  ENABLE LEARNING PATH ENROLLMENT  ...
    • Machine Learning Models

      OVERVIEW Learning analytics are software algorithms that are used to predict or detect unknown aspects of the learning process, based on historical data and current behavior. The insights generated by the Pluto LMS learning analytics models can help ...
    • Create New Machine Learning Model

      OVERVIEW In addition to the built-in Machine Learning Models, you are also able to define and build your own custom models within Pluto LMS. This allows you to define your own criteria and learning analytics. CREATE NEW MODEL Step 1: Click on "Site ...
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