Webinar - Gradebook

Webinar - Gradebook

Recorded Session:

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    • Gradebook Overview

      GRADEBOOK OVERVIEW To access a course gradebook, in the relevant course, click on "Grades."  GRADER REPORT By default, the gradebook will open to the "Grader report", which is a quick view of all of your learners and their grades within your course. ...
    • Gradebook Setup

      GRADEBOOK SETUP You can adjust your gradebook setup in the "Setup" tab. GRADEBOOK SETUP In the "Gradebook setup" tab, you can see all the activities that have been added to your grade book as grade items. By default, all course activities are ...
    • Add Gradebook Items and Categories

      MANUAL GRADE ITEMS Manual grade items are useful if you want to track offline events such as work completed prior to using Pluto LMS, in-person events, presentations or anything else that is not tracked online. Step 1: To add a manual grade item, in ...
    • Webinar - Branches

      Recorded Session: ​ Useful Links: Branch Guides Zapier Guides API Guides Site Branding Guides
    • Moving Gradebook Items

      MOVE GRADEBOOK ITEMS You can move any gradebook item to where you would like it by clicking on the move icon next to the item you want to move.    For example, moving "Manual grade item" into "Gradebook category": After clicking on the move icon next ...