Webinar - Courses and Content

Webinar - Courses and Content

Recorded Session:

  1. Course Management
  2. Course Content Creation 

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    • Import / Duplicate Course Content

      OVERVIEW Course content can be imported from one course to another. This allows course creators to re-use activities or resources instead of having to re-create them. NAVIGATE TO/CREATE THE RELEVANT COURSE A. If you want to duplicate an entire ...
    • Bulk Download Course Content

      OVERVIEW Course content can be bulk downloaded by admins, teachers and learners as a .zip file via your web browser. This allows for the easy extraction of content from your Pluto LMS.  Note: Users with the "Site admin" role can disable this feature ...
    • Download Course Content (Web browser)

      You can bulk download course content as a .zip file via your web browser.  Step 1: In the relevant course, right at the top of the course home page, click on "Download course content." Step 2: Confirm your download by clicking "Download."
    • Bulk Create Courses

      OVERVIEW If you need to create a large number of courses, you can upload a text (.csv) file to create courses in bulk.  FILE FORMAT REQUIRED You can use the bulk upload template provided below and add your course information: fullname = Course Full ...
    • H5P Content Bank

      OVERVIEW Each H5P activity created within Pluto LMS gets stored in a content bank. Existing content can also be uploaded to the content bank. This allows you to easily reuse H5P content across courses and quickly export H5P.  ADD CONTENT TO YOUR H5P ...