Reports API

Reports API


reportid (Required)
        The report id

General structure
int   //The report id

REST (POST parameters)
reportid= int

How to connect to 3rd party data analysis tools:

You can also connect to tools like:
  1. Microsoft PowerBI
  2. Google Data Studio 
  3. Zoho Analytics 
  4. Tableau
If you have issues with how to add a URL as a datasource within your analytics tool, please contact them for help.

The URL needed from Pluto LMS:

Step 2: Use the following URL format: = your LMS domain
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx = your secret and secure token
y = your custom report ID

Use this URL as a template which can be added as a datasource in your 3rd party tool:

You will need to get the custom report ID from your LMS:
y would be replaced by an integer 

Step 3: The above URL will pull a JSON formatted dataset from Pluto LMS. Formatting and conversion is done by the 3rd party tool. Please contact your 3rd party reporting provider for how to import a URL datasource as JSON. 
Click here for help with Pluto LMS custom reports

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