Import / Duplicate Course Content

Import / Duplicate Course Content


Course content can be imported from one course to another. This allows course creators to re-use activities or resources instead of having to re-create them.

A. If you want to duplicate an entire existing course, you need to create a new blank course before importing content. 

B. Alternatively, you can import content into existing courses. 

Ensure that you are in the course into which content will be imported.


Step 1: In the relevant course, click on "Course admin."

Step 2: Then, in the "Course administration" tab, click on "Import."

Step 3: You will be prompted to set your various import preferences.

(1) Select the existing course from which content should be imported.

(2) Select which settings from the existing course should be included in your import.

(3) Select the activities and resources that should be included in your import.

(4) Review and confirm your import settings.

(5) Once the import is complete, you will receive a notification.

You can now "Continue" and view your imported content.

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